Friday, October 9, 2009

Suck it, CB Bucknor!

Alright, I get that the Red Sox lost last night's game because they couldn't string enough hits together to score any runs. However, the umpiring staff sure wasn't helping: Bobby Abreu should have been the third out of the fifth inning, watching strike three but getting a called ball four... If the inning had ended there as it should have, who knows? Maybe Torrii Hunter would have homered in his next at-bat anyway, but probably not. And then there are the two botched plays at first... Sir, Kevin Youkilis does not make errors.

But Red Sox Nation is creative.. Somebody out there began to tamper with Bucknor's Wikipedia page, producing these:
Someone else (or maybe the same person?), then created a Twitter account for the umpire:

cbbucknor: #redsox I'm at 1B, blowin' the game.

cbbucknor: Hoping for another play at 1B. Might try and turn my back and close my eyes this time.

cbbucknor: How'd I get that one right? No idea, my eyes were closed.

cbbucknor: wondering if the rules prevent me from calling a runner out after a base on balls.

cbbucknor: is taking the over on the number of blown calls against #redsox.

Red Sox Nation, I applaud your creativity. For those who want to sign a petition to fire CB Bucknor, click here.
If Tito thinks you suck, you suck.

[Thanks to @fangsbites, @gx5, and @Gabs10272004 for the screenshots!]

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  1. Good stuff man.

    You find some pretty random stuff sometimes.

    Hopefully Beckett will pitch like he did in 2007 tonight... we can't come back to the Fens down 0-2.

    Rob -