Saturday, October 3, 2009


I woke up feeling a little sick today, and then remembered that the game was on NESNplus, which I can't get at school. Needless to say, I was a bit disappointed, and thus the only post I could muster the energy for was a picture post, featuring the presumptive ALDS Game 1 lineup:

Golden Boy (CF) - Ells has become the leadoff man we all hoped he would. In fact, has improved so much that I'm caving and buying his shirt (it says GOLDEN BOY rather than ELLSBURY... a backhanded compliment, but a compliment nonetheless).

Pedey (2B) - I won't waste anyone's time by reiterating my love for our feisty second baseman, but I will note his extraordinary ability to get hot at the right time... I for one think he's on the verge of one of those streaks that can't be stopped.

V-Mart (C) - Here's hoping that the blue light special on hits continues all the way through Soxtober (and into November)... Victor has a hit in his last 29 starts, and would have an intact hitting streak if not for his pinch-hitting appearance in the Bronx last weekend.

Youk (1b) - Despite some doubters, Youkilis has managed to anchor the Red Sox lineup nicely this season: consistency has been his byword. The power numbers are there, along with the famous plate discipline that made him the Greek God of Walks.

Papi (DH) - Despite a horrendous first month, Papi has put together a respectable season, nearly reaching the 30-100 mark. And we all know that the postseason is a completely different beast: the real David Ortiz emerges in October.

The Token Canadian (LF) - Don't let the extreme paleness scare you away: Jason Bay is a very productive bat to have in the lineup. He plays average to above average defense (especially at Fenway), and is always dangerous at the plate.

Mikey (3B) - Though the hip has inevitably slowed him down, Lowell's bat is as dangerous as ever. His reflexes in the field are still good, even if his range is diminished... and, as evidenced by bis photo above, he has a knack for coming through in big situations.

DrewCrew (RF) - Despite his below average popularity with some (less than enlightened) fans, JD has quietly put together a very nice season. Also, his lack of feelings allows him to come through in the clutch, hitting three run bombs with all the excitement of rubber cement.

Gonzo (SS) - According to reports, Alex's hand is just fine, which is a HUGE sigh of relief. In the field, Gonzo's steady hands are invaluable, and his bat has been a nice surprise. On a totally unrelated note, Tito calls him "Gonzie," which to me evokes memories of the Fonz. Coincidence? I think not.

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  1. This picture post is cool! Hope your feeling better.