Saturday, October 10, 2009

I Blame CB Bucknor.

Early this morning, I was on Twitter and saw libbycrews blaming the Red Sox for oversleeping... So, being the irrational Red Sox fan that I am proud to be, I told her to blame infamous umpire CB Bucknor instead.

When I returned to the site later this evening, fangsbites and Gabs10272004 had replied, blaming Bucknor for such things as overindulgance at the bar, the botched 2000 election, communism, global warming, and gout. This got me thinking: what else can we blame Bucknor for?

Bucknor was:

the spark that caused the Hindenburg combustion.

the iceburg that sunk the Titanic.

the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs.

the drought that triggered the Dust Bowl.

the money that paid off the Black Sox.

the crash that kicked off the Great Depression.

the volcanic eruption that buried Pompei.

the rats that carried the bubonic plague.

Your suggestions are welcome!

After this was first posted, the CB Bucknor Twitter account had this to say:

cbbucknor @toesinthesand82 @LoveSox15 -- i'll admit it, I thought that iceberg was high and away, so I didn't bother to turn the titanic. my bad.


  1. 86 years of Red Sox world series drought

  2. Nahhh... Part of that was the racism of owners/management. No black players = no Championships.