Sunday, October 4, 2009

Around the Horn: Game 162

On April 8, 2009, I wrote a post about the results of Opening Day by noting one good thing that each starter did, by batting order. Without further ado, I would like to do the same for the last game of the (regular) season:

1.) Jacoby Ellsbury (CF) - Golden Boy had a much better game today than in Game 1, when he went hitless. Ells picked up steal #70 today, despite Cleveland's apparent desperation to keep him on first. I'm a little unfair to Jacoby sometimes, but I want to make it clear that I value his baseball skills highly.

2.) Dustin Pedroia (2B) - In an example of wonderful symmetry, Pedey did the same thing in his last at-bat as he did in his very first: lofted a high-inside fastball into the Monster seats... Suck it, MLB 09: The Show! Did I mention I love him?

3.) Victor Martinez (C) - VMart had a quiet (and short outing). He wasn't, of course, in the Opening Day starting lineup for Boston, but there's no doubt that his presence has cemented the roster heading into the playoffs.

4.) Kevin Youkilis (3B) - On Opening Day, Youk was playing first, but we all know one of his most valuable traits is the ability to flit between third and first effortlessly. He also managed to notch a hit today before being removed from the game for *snigger* George Kottaras.

5.) David Ortiz (DH) - Papi has had a whirlwind season, but as it wrapped up today, I only wish he had notched one more RBI (99 on the season). However, it was very nice to see him honored on the field before the game.

6.) Jason Bay (LF) - In his first full season in Boston, the team's only AmeriCanadian notched 119 RBIs. All I have to say about that is #SIGNJASONBAY!

7.) JD Drew (RF) - One of the most maligned players to wear the uniform this season (excepting one John Smoltz), Drew has finally put together the type of numbers Theo had in mind when he signed him. I am a fan of Drew's and his two bombs this afternoon didn't hurt.

8.) Casey Kotchman (1B) - A midseason pickup (et tu, LaRoche?), Kotchman is an adequate fill-in, though he went hitless today.

9.) Alex Gonzalez (SS) - Gonzo went deep today, which is always fun. However, we all know that he was signed to be a defender, and any offense is a bonus.

This is essentially where I expected we'd be when I posted way back in April: headed to the playoffs. Bring on Soxtober!


  1. I love J.D. Drew. I think his attitude - he doesn't care about anything - lets him do much better in Boston than some other slugger's. He has provided a decent return for the contract he signed, as compared to some of the other guys signed in that time frame. (Johnny Damon)

  2. great post I am very impressed with Golden Boy's lead off skills now if he does even better next reason we are good to go for a while