Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bandwagon Fans - Other Teams Have Them, Too!

As I was walking into class on Friday, I overheard a conversation between Y-FAB and a female friend of his. In the past, I'd seen her wearing a Yankees hat, but on this particular day it was a LA Dodgers cap. They were discussing the possible teams in the Fall Classic, and she said, "Well it will definitely be the Yankees, and it looks like probably the Phillies."

Thankfully, someone else in the hallway corrected her: "Umm, ACTUALLY, the Phillies are the only team to have clinched their spot." (I'm pretty sure he was a Phillies fan.)

Who are these people? I understand that some people wear the hats for their aesthetic value, and that's totally okay with me, so long as they readily admit it. However, it annoys me when people try to pretend that they actually know about the team whose logo is on their head. These people then try to start arguments with fans who really know their stuff, and more often than not it's THOSE fans who are the loudest.

Pretend to be a fan if you must, but PLEASE don't go walking around giving the rest of us a bad name: not every Red Sox fan is a whining, self-loathing wretch, just as not every Yankees fan is a spoiled brat with no sense of reality. There are rabid Royals fans and casual Dodgers fans, and as long as they're all polite I have no problem with friendly competition.

So it pains me to tell you, Yankees fan, that Y-FAB and his friends are giving you a bad name. After the snafu in the hallway, Y-FAB instigated the following exchange:

(Y-FAB): Are you seriously wearing a Red Sox shirt? Your team's been elimiated for like, two weeks.

(Me): You should know by now, I always represent my team. Also, it's Pedro (*points to #45 on the back*), and he's going to the World Series.

: What, so you're a Phillies fan now?

: I'm always a Pedro fan. And if it means they beat your team or the team that elimated the Sox? Then yes, I'll cheer for Philly.

Seriously? Who stops supporting their team during the offseason? Those people aren't fans at all. So take heart, Red Sox Nation: we aren't the only fan-base full of frauds.


  1. It's a very good point that you made there. Also, (which im hoping is NOT the case) if the Yankees make the world series, he should know that a Red Sox fan is going to root against them. Plus its Pedro Martinez, he didn't leave the team for a little bit more money and he's still a hero for us, so of course we're going to root for him.

  2. I totally agree with you. I hate when teams that are doing well pick up these bandwagon fans. I can't even begin to tell you about the Phillies, Yankees and Angels apparel I've seen around my campus, from people who I know wouldn't know the difference from first and third base. I've been wearing my Red Sox stuff proudly too, and I've heard comments about them having been eliminated but at the end of the day it makes me feel better to know that win or lose I'm a proud member of Red Sox Nation.

  3. I have always worn my Sox stuff win, lose or collapse and I was a fan during some horrible years. True fans of baseball don't stop wearing their team or supporting their team after the season. Baseball is what keeps a lot of us going throughout the seasons of football, basketball and hockey.

    Baseball. I live for this.

    I think Sox and Yankees bandwagoners feel like they have to compete with those of us who are life long fans and that's why they're louder, more obnoxious and more high strung. They have to make up for the years they weren't there.

  4. Whoever made that sign is a saint. I adore it.

  5. These types of "fans" are the worst kind. I've had people say stuff to me about wearing Red Sox gear, like I'm supposed to put all of it away because my team was eliminated. Those are the same people that leave the game before it's over because their team has no chance of coming back. Way to be a supporter.

  6. I totally agree. Why not support your team when the regular season is over, I'm itching and looking for Red Sox stuff to read and watch. So we make do with the trades, articles, and I guess the clothing too. Again, why not?

    As for Pedro I light up when I see him play, he's awesome. And I'll add Manny into the mix too, cocky as he is, I can watch him play a good game. The bandwagoners should really get a hold of the sport and enjoy it completely.


  7. People are morons. I wear Red Sox gear all year round whether they just got eliminated from the playoffs, it's dead January, or it's the beginning of spring training. And I don't wear Red Sox hats for a fashion sense either, those people piss every true sports fan off and half of the time those people are female (this being said by a female).

  8. i have stuff for both the SF Giants and the Red Sox because I follow both teams. But I actually do FOLLOW both teams. The giants thing came up by accident because my boyfriend is a fan. might as well get into it as well since i'll be watching all the games anyway. :)