Thursday, October 1, 2009

Backing in?

There's been a lot of talk lately about the Sox "backing into the playoffs." Tito is resting the regulars, and trying to get the pitching lined up. I understand that it's frustrating for those who bought tickets to this series to watch a glorified PawSox lineup get beaten up by Roy Halladay, but you know what? I trust Tito, and I trust his staff, because they have led us to the promised land more often than anyone in living memory.

Now, some of you might subscribe to the Billy Beane theory: namely, that getting into the playoffs is the real test, and it's a crapshoot from there. I understand the logic, because anything can happen, especially in the LDS when the series is best of five, but I find it lacking. Normally, I swear by the theories of Bill James just as much as Beane does, but even more than that, I believe that good pitching will beat good hitting, every time.

Lester is giving me confidence tonight, he looks to have bounced back well from the beanball incident in the Bronx. Becks, assuming his "back spasms" were nothing more sinister, is not to be doubted in the postseason. Clay, of course, has yet to prove himself, but Daisuke looks to be on the right track. The bottom line, of course, is that if Lester and Beckett are at their best, they're practically unhittable, and can go deep into games. In a five OR seven game series, I like our chances behind those two.

In the Postseason, Josh does whatever the hell he wants. Including cursing in live press conferences. Suck it, FCC!


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