Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ryan Sweeney needs anger management

Because Ryan Sweeney took out his frustration about grounding out by punching a door (instead of throwing his bat or helmet like a NORMAL person), he's going to be out probably eight weeks.  So the Red Sox are down yet another outfielder for basically the rest of the regular season.

Sweeney did apologize to the team, the fans, and his fellows via his Twitter account, but the damage is done.  Besides the fact that the LAST thing this team needs is another guy on the disabled list, it seems like the Sox had been showcasing him lately, perhaps looking to trade him off for a useful piece to keep postseason hopes alive.

Since that's out the window, and with the trading deadline fast approaching, things are getting complicated.  Since taking two of three from the Yankees, and taking the first game against Detroit last night (on the back of Dustin Pedroia), the Red Sox are looking to add, not subtract.

Obviously, it's too bad that they didn't subtract the damaged Ryan Sweeney.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Five Minute Musings

I have to be down at breakfast in about five minutes, so I'm bringing back this probably-forgotten segment that used to be a semi-regular occurrence in this space: five abbreviated thoughts on the Sox, in convenient list form.

  1. Did I mention that I love Cody Ross? Because I love him even more after the walk-off home run last night to take the series from the first-place White Sox.  And yes, I've bought my Ross t-shirt. Even though I'll be unemployed once camp ends, it was money well spent.
  2. Clay Buchholz's work last night was impressive - and important.  Eight innings, one run, six K's, and a no-decision, but world's ahead of the performance he gave last outing, where he all but imploded.
  3. I am so so happy that Pedey is back on the field.  Though 1-for-4 (albeit with a run scored) isn't up to Pedroia's usual standard, I'm quite certain that his presence in the clubhouse alone is enough to get his teammates fired up.
  4. These post-All-Star break Red Sox keep finding ways to win.  Last night's game featured a dramatic walk-off three-run homer, while the night before was a ten-run blowout - without David Ortiz in the lineup.  I'm feeling as if the second half of the season is going to look markedly different from the first half - and I like what I'm seeing so far.
  5. I had a phone intrview with a possible job out in Chicago yesterday, and the interviewer asked me if I wanted to relocate specifically because of the Kevin Youkilis trade. I told him that it didn't hurt that Theo was out there, too.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

I love you, Cody Ross!

 I haven't been able to watch a Red Sox game in about a month, due the constraints and demands of my summer job (I'm working at a sleepaway summer program at a boarding school), but last night I caught most of the game on the radio, because I was chauffeuring CITs around in a school van.

When I first picked them up, they climbed in and the first thing out of their mouths was "Of COURSE you're listening to this." It should come as no surprise that I catch up with the Red Sox in any way possible, and the kids didn't seem to mind too much - although I'm sure it annoyed them when I cut conversation off mid-sentence every time there was a run-scoring play (especially seeing how common an occurrence that was last evening).

I came away from last night's game with one thought burned into my brain: it's time for me to finally invest in a Cody Ross shirt.  Ross was on fire last night, going yard twice and racking up six RBIs.  Although I was listening on the radio and not seeing him on a television, I'm sure all of it went down with Ross's usual unbridled enthusiasm.

You all know I have a special place in my heart for players who play with such joy and reckless abandon, so it's downright shameful that Cody Ross isn't yet a part of my Red Sox wardrobe. I'll be taking care of that today.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kevin Youkilis: Dream Crusher

When I said I wished nothing but the best for Kevin Youkilis in his post- Red Sox career, I was hoping to see things play out more like Monday night than last night.  Monday saw Youk step to the plate to an emotional and well-deserved standing ovation from the Fenway Faithful, then promptly go 3-for-4 while scoring Chicago's only run in the Red Sox victory.

Last night, Jon Lester and the Red Sox were powerless to stop the bleeding, as Lester couldn't even make it five innings.  Youkilis had another successful night, hitting a three-run blast off of his former teammate - this time able to enjoy a win.

I will always love Kevin Youkilis: he was coming into his own as a Red Sox just as I was reaching maturity as a person and a Sox fan, and he plays the game the right way.  But is it really to much to ask that he go 0-for-5 after we cheer for him?  I'm perfectly happy to see him hit .500 against the rest of the AL (particularly the East), so long as he can temper that a bit when in Boston.

I know he's not the kind of player to let up for even a second, so I guess I'll have to have some confidence in the Red Sox pitching staff (something in short supply lately) to shut Youk and his new crew down tonight.