Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oh, You Red Sox...

I didn't know what to write about today, so I decided to go with another picture post. I was looking through my random saved pictures on my computer, and noticed how many of them were Red Sox pictures (shocking). I picked out my favorites, imported them to the blog, and here they are, for your viewing pleasure:

Old friend Bobby Kielty, Youk taking a swig, Manny and Papi, and No Feelings Drew, all, for whatever reason, posing with wine in the clubhouse. Epic win.

You know Paps was thrilled to capture Wakefield in such a position over the All-Star weekend... I for one am just pleased they managed to capture this moment for posterity. Wake's got a little Captain in him. (Just not as much as Heidi. Oh yeah, I went there.)

Oh Pedey. I love you so. Now, of course, the "Daddy" on his chest can be taken literally. At the time? Not so much.

"The Curse of Big Papi" at the new Yankee Stadium. Was it just me, or did the guy who buried the jersey seem just a little... stupid?

This picture needs no words to quantify it's awesomeness: the Captain, and Captain Hook. (Maybe Tek would hit better if he had a hook? No?)

The closest JD Drew has ever gotten to a fight. I'm willing to bet this encounter with Pedey caused a hangnail and a 15 day trip to the disabled list.


The intensity makes this picture. And the fact that Dustin fits easily inside his locker: he's travel-sized for your convenience.

Inter-rivalry bromance. Damn you, World Baseball Classic, and your propensity for making my future husband all buddy-buddy with the enemy.

Ahhh the Youk-Fu. It made a brief appearence in Spring Training, then disappeared for good after Youkilis went 0-for-4 with an error and two strikeouts in a ST game. Bad facial hair=bad luck.

"It's not how you start... It's how you finish." That's what Papi's shirt says in this picture from April at Yankee Stadium, and he's right. I approve of the way he's finishing.

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