Thursday, September 17, 2009

Five Minute Musings

What a game last night! Instead of repeating what I'm sure everyone has already read (a game recap), I've decided to go with five quick points that are somewhat related.

1.) Who's ready for October?These guys are ready for October. I'll admit it. I thought our cause was lost at several junctures last night. However, I did not turn off the television, and sure enough, the Home Town Team did not disappoint. Paul Byrd started that game, in case you forgot (and I can't say that I would blame you). He gave up three runs in 5.1 innings, which is essentially all we can expect of him, and the bats did the rest. Once again, this was a game that lacked both V-Mart and Youk, and Drew made his first appearance in the late innings. I don't know about you, but I feel pretty good right now.

2.) Most of you know that I spend most of each game on Twitter (LoveSox15), conversing with my fellow Sox Nation members about the game. Yesterday's discussion between myself and Gabs10272004 led to a Postseason poster plan to end all Postseason poster plans. If either of us can get tickets (fingers crossed), we're making a sign that says: "Hey, @John_W_Henry: #signjasonbay" ... Hopefully the Twitterspeak will get us a mention from MLBonFOX (as much as I hate them) and the ownership group will get the picture. [If you're not into Twitter, disregard this, you won't get it.]

3.) My favorite Tweet from last night surrounds the Heidi Watney/Nick Green controversy... after Nick Green's game tying walk, and Gonzo's game winning blooper, Don Orsillo was seen on the field interviewing players postgame... in other words, doing Heidi's job. Someone wondered where Ms. Watney was, so I shared my prediction: "LoveSox15 RT @BoSoxMas Where's Heidi at? --> Taking off Nick Green's clothes."

4.) I'm beginning to be a little worried about the State of the Youk. "I don't like to ice," he reportedly told Adam Kilgore of the Globe. He also says he has these back spasms about once a season, and they only sideline him for one series or so. While I would have picked the upcoming series against Kansas City, or perhaps the one against Baltimore, I figure if the boys can beat the offensively dangerous Angels with Youk on the bench, no one can stop us. Here's hoping #20 feels better, and soon.

5.) Josh Beckett is on the hill for us tonight. This is a HUGE start. He went out last time and threw a CG... however, it was a rain-shortened game, so his line went something like this: 5 IP, 4 hits, 1 ER, 1 BB, 4K, all in 78 pitches. How he goes about this start will tell us if that was him getting back to his Ass-Kicking October self, or simply a fluke. As for me? I leaning toward the former. I mean, how could he have been watching that game last night and not be fired up? [Here's another theory about Heidi Watney's absence: in a fit of excitement, Beckett punched her in the face - accidentally-on-purpose, of course - and she's still recovering.]
Let's see THIS guy tonight. Captain Badass, your skills are needed.

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