Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Quote of the Day

When asked about the conditions yesterday, Jason Bay admitted they were formidable. However, he felt the need to remind us of something, and that something is the quote of the day:

"I grew up in Canada. I've played in worse."
This is an actual picture of Jason Bay playing baseball in his hometown... In July.

In all seriousness, I get where he's coming from. I grew up in northern New Hampshire, and played high school softball in western Maine. It is often very difficult to get a game in, and for that reason, Little League seasons in my region are much shorter than those in other parts of the country. This explains the preposterous lack of baseball superstars from New England and Canada (try naming five), as most boys choose sports like hockey or skiing, something they can play for more than three months at a time.

Bay's emergence as a bonafide star is thus even more impressive. He didn't have the opportunity to train in baseball for twelve months a year like teammates Dustin Pedroia (California) or Mike Lowell (Florida). So hats off to Jason Bay, the token Canadian... Is anyone surprised that he was the lone player to go yard last night? It was obviously all that training in the snow.

By the way, I was totally kidding about the picture... it's May.

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  1. haha! great post. Love it. the pic is the kicker #signjasonbay