Friday, September 25, 2009

I Love the Mayor

This man was on FIRE last night (in a good way):I googled "sean casey on fire" and this came up... weird?

I'm going to go on record and say that Sean Casey is my favorite one-and-done Sox players of all time. How could you not love the Mayor? This post is dedicated to one Sean Casey, and will consist of his best lines of the night, as captured by all of you Sox fans on Twitter:

brentitude Sean Casey: "Pretty good looking guy over there on first base" hahaha #redsox

Ehh... Billy Butler is okay, I guess.

bmertel22 @royalspostgame Red Sox announcers currently joking about starting a brawl with Lefebvre next door. Sean Casey says he could take him.
You know, Don might actually be able to beat this guy... But I have a sneaking suspicion they'd be friends: they have the same awkward shirts.

mikethebado "Where's Orsillo? Everyone else is getting dominated out here, and he's getting pizza"... Sean Casey #RedSoxDon Orsillo's weapon of choice in a basebrawl.

LoveSox15 Sean Casey just equated himself to Braveheart. #feedseancasey

Sean Casey=Mel Gibson? Eh, alright.

shelley1005 "Some people had to dress up in a Hooters outfit and walk 16 block to the Weston" -Sean Casey "I can't get it out of my mind!" - DO. LOL.Alas, I couldn't find any pictures of Casey dressed as he described. But, given this photo of the Cubbies' rookies, I'll leave you to your imaginings...

shelley1005 Sean Casey. I double dog dare you to go ride the carousel. #RedSox

Honestly? I want to ride this, too. Kauffman Stadium looks great! Hats off to the Royals front office! (maybe they should have used some of that money to buy good players...)

kevinmolive "Failure is only failure when you fail to learn." - Sean "the mayor" Casey on NESN. @redsoxAnd what did you learn from this, Sean?

redsoxgirl46 Sean Casey is basically inserting dialogue into random places. I like that. #redsox

Theo: "Is Casey still talking?"
Tito: "You signed him... You have to listen to him."
Theo: "Yeah, but he hasn't been with the team for almost a year..."

shelley1005 Sean Casey can turn any conversation into a conversation about food. Ahh, I've missed ya Casey. Big time. Big time. #RedSox

For all the time Sean spends talking about food, there are NO pictures of him eating... So I went with this one. I would pay SO MUCH money to have been present for this conversation.

valleyparade Sean Casey on JBay: "You're gonna have to pay him, but why wouldn't you pay him?' So true. #redsoxSeriously? SIGN JASON BAY! (The Mayor told you too.)

I love Sean Casey. It has become my life's ambition to meet and befriend him. I want to be BFFLs with Sean Casey. I believe he mentioned working the World Series...? Hopefully, with a bit of luck, we'll be seeing him again in a few weeks.


  1. So. Umm. When does mission "Make Sean Casey our BFF" begin???

  2. ASAP. Plans? I was thinking we stake out the MLB Network studio in New Jersey.