Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pats v. Sox: No Competition

For some of you, this is a difficult decision. Patriots kickoff is at 1:00, Sox first pitch comes just thirty-five minutes later... What do you watch!? For me, it's a no-brainer. Give me Daisuke's second start after a three month hiatus over Brady and the gang any day. Yes, I know about the smack being thrown around about this game, and I know I'm supposed to hate the Jets. I even realize that there are more Sox games left (if the Sox make it to the ADLS and get swept-which would be the worst case scenario-they have 18 games left) than Pats games (if the Pats make it all the way to the Super Bowl-best case scenario-they have the same number of games).

Football has always been my least favorite of the professional sports to watch, and it's even grown on me in recent years. When I was a younger, I would watch only the Super Bowl... but I would read a book during the play and only watch the commercials. This was during a time that the team was winning, and winning quite regularly. The only season I watched more than a quarter of the games in their entirety was 2007, and that had more to do with boring Sundays at boarding school than the fact that they were relentlessly and systematically crushing every team in the league.

The strange thing is, I like watching football live. Though I've never been to a Patriots game, I enjoyed watching my high school teams play, and I like to watch games at college, but there's something about watching football on television (especially a dorm sized television) that turns me off. Don't get me wrong, I watched last week, and I screamed as loudly as several of my neighbors did during the last six or so minutes... But that was a Red Sox offday. Say what you want, but I'll never skip the Red Sox for the Patriots, no matter how dreamy Tom Brady thinks he is. I mean, the man wears a Yankees hat of all things... doesn't he know where he plays?



  1. Um Ew! Okay so this is why I am not a Brady fan...a Yankee's hat? Like really! Gross!

  2. get over it.. the sox stinks.. patriots rule boston!