Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Top Tweets

By popular demand, I bring you the Top Tweets of last night, in no particular order, with accompanying photographic support. Without further ado:

RedSoxRedShoes: YoukFact: In the off-season, Kevin Youkilis serves as UN Goodwill Ambassador to Saturn. #redsoxThis is a sign of respect in many foreign countries... I hope.

redsoxftw Drew was like "eeeww, cooties!". #redsox
"Circle, circle, dot, dot, Drew now has a cootie shot."

redsoxftwI have no clever things to say about Heidi's outfit tonight, except that I kinda miss the Snuggie. #redsoxUnfortunately I was unable to find photographic evidence of the "snuggie," but you'd think someone hired to be the token "pretty face" would wear better clothes.

AmalieBenjaminFrancona on football vs. baseball: "They're 300-pound men trying to kill each other in practice. We're taking grounders." #redsox
Come on, Tito... They don't do this at your practices? Weaksauce.

redsoxliz1980Come on Plastic Boy! #redsoxElls was demoted to Plastic Boy for lackluster performance in the early innings... He might be back up to Bronze by now...?

soxaddictHaha, the stabbin knife has come out RT @LoveSox15 DO NOT HIT PEDEY. I WILL CUT YOU!The tweet says it all. How can you not love this man?

farfromfinishedA "win" and "loss" is a terrible stat. You can throw a no hitter and lose. You can give up 18 runs and win. How can W/L tell you anything?
mikethebadoI thought debates over the relative usefulness of stats was a Sons of Sam Horn exclusive... @kdawg1313 @LoveSox15 @shelley1005 @BrianAdExec
Mostly I try to stay out of Twitter arguments... But in this case, I had to argue for QS over wins as a means for evaluating pitchers.

redsoxftwI would not wear a jersey with my last name on it if my last name was Kuntz.
shelley1005@redsoxftw I would. I would wear it...often.Sweet name, dude.

shelley1005Josh Beckett. The bats love you. Or...the bats fear you. Either way. Awesome. #RedSoxIf I were a bat, I would fear this man.

Surviving_GradyRoyals suddenly remember they're the Royals. Excellent. ::maniacal laughter:: #redsoxPoor Kansas City... Hey, nice ballpark, though.

redsoxftwYoukilis making a fashion statement with his glove on his head. Watch out, Heidi.
This is as fashionable as Youk generally gets.

werbiefitz@LoveSox15 I know what you mean! There are few as classy as Wake! #redsoxClassy enough not to tell Varitek that he sucks worse at golf than he does at hitting.

soxnfinsfan A #redsox fan just gave a ball to a young #royals fan! Damn! REDSOX fans are classy!!!I said the fans were classy, not necessarily the closer...

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  1. Love the pic of Tek and Wake (well cause we all know I love wake) great job on the Blog Kayla