Friday, May 10, 2013

Sad loss on a soggy night

The Red Sox seem determined to reverse the success they had in April. Last month it seemed like everything that could go right, went right - so far in May it seems like everything that can go wrong, has gone wrong. After getting swept by the Rangers in Texas, the Red Sox returned home to lose three out of four to the lowly Twins.

Last night's game was particularly painful, as the Sox were in the lead, and the newly repaired John Lackey was looking solid - until he made a throwing error on a play that should have had him out of the inning, but instead led to four unearned runs and an eventual Red Sox loss. [In terms of scoring, and on a mostly unrelated note, I think that if it's a pitcher's error, they should be earned runs.]

If Jon Lester can't stop this skid, nobody can, and since the Twins are departing in favor of the Blue Jays, against whom the Red Sox are 4-2 this season, this is as good a time as any to turn things around. Lester will be going up against Ramon Ortiz, who so far in 2013 claims an ERA of 5.40, more than two full runs higher than Lester's.

The Blue Jays were slated to be a powerhouse in the AL East, while the Red Sox were supposed to be stragglers - so far, that's not the case. Given some of the early season injuries to key Blue Jays players, it's unlikely that Toronto will take the division - but there's certainly time for the Red Sox to fall back to the bottom. They need to pull themselves out of the funk they seem to be in, and tonight is an excellent time to start.

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