Sunday, May 5, 2013

Just a bump in the road

Getting swept is always rough, but watching as a former member of your own club (here's looking at you, Adrian Beltre) hits a walkoff single against you to complete the sweep makes the normally depressing scenario even worse. But as far as being swept goes, I don't feel that bad today.

For one thing, even after dropping three straight to the Rangers, the Red Sox are still in possession of the best record in baseball. Sure, there are other teams who can also make that claim, but the fact is that the Sox are still first in the AL East, and now have a record identical to the Rangers (and Cardinals).

Add to this fact the knowledge that the Red Sox are headed back to the friendly confines of Fenway Park for seven games, four against the Twins (13-14), and three against the Blue Jays, who, despite high expectations, are 11-21. Meanwhile, the Sox are 11-5 at home, so while the sweep was certainly unpleasant, I feel good about the immediate future.

Sure, it's disheartening that the Red Sox come out of this series seemingly unable to "beat the best," a legitimate litmus test for long term success. But all is not lost - we'll get a chance to reclaim our pride from the Rangers this time next month, and I don't think for a moment that we'll be swept a second time. In fact, I bet we'll be bringing the brooms next time around.

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