Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Jerry Remy: Playgirl model

If any of you are regulars over at Baseball Prospectus, you've probably seen today's Baseball ProGUESTus feature, Michael Clair's "Dollar Sign on the Glistening Muscle: Scouting Ballplayers in 1980s Playgirl."

That's right, in the golden decade of the 1980s, Playgirl magazine did a spread of Major Leaguers, and two of Red Sox Nation's favorite NESN personalities were part of it.

None other than Jerry Remy posed in a bathing suit for Playgirl, in all of his 80s glory. You're welcome. If you feel the need to own this piece of history (and see Dennis Eckersley in a similar pose) the July 1984 issue can be yours for under $18, and in addition to Remy and Eckersley, you'll get to see George Brett, Rickey Henderson, Steve Sax, Joel Youngblood, Mike Heath, Tom O'Malley, and more.

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