Monday, May 13, 2013

Bruins take game seven!

If you've ever read this blog before, you know I'm a baseball fan above all else. I love baseball. I am literally one of those people who eat, sleep, and breathe baseball (as in, I have Red Sox tableware, Red Sox bedding, and if I had asthma, I would get a Red Sox inhaler). But I also enjoy other sports, and naturally I'm a fan of all the Boston teams.

I always forget how much I love watching hockey until I'm actually watching hockey. I rarely tune in for a regular season Bruins game, instead making lame excuses about how it's hard to watch on TV (kind of true) and how much better it is in person (absolutely true). But I do watch the playoffs, and I'm not someone to miss a game seven in any sport.

I never even knew the basic rules of ice hockey until I went away for high school, and somehow found myself living on an isolated Maine campus surrounded by hockey nuts. It was pointless to resist their influence, and my first year I watched every single home game, boys and girls, JV and varsity - I don't do things halfway. I quickly came to love the sport, but now, five years removed from my high school graduation, I often forget how wonderful watching hockey can be.

Tonight's game seven reminded me, as exciting games will. Patrice Bergeron scored that overtime goal and I leapt from my chair in exuberance. There's a certain kind of exhilaration that comes with sudden death overtime that you just can't capture with extra innings - hopefully the rest of the Bruins playoff run can have the success of this evening's win without the strain on my nerves.

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