Monday, April 27, 2009

Quote of the Day

This one is, of course, from yesterday, since I doubt any of the players are even awake yet, and it concerns, what else, but Ellsbury's epic steal.

"Jeez, J.D., don't swing."

And who but our friend from the north, Jason Bay, could come up with such a commonplace yet awesome nugget like that?

Bay, who was in the on deck circle at the time of the steal (we can't have two capitalized Steals in Red Sox Nation, that honor will always reside with Dave Roberts), had a better view of Ellsbury's daring move than anyone but Posada, Drew, and Ellsbury himself... I don't really think Pettitte saw him at all, until it was too late.

So there you have it, the Quote of the Day. Tell your friends, it's just like Bay himself: simply straightforward, and wise to the details of the game.  Also, hilarious.
"That was a beautiful not-swing.  Way to take one for the team and not give Ellsbury a concussion!"

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  1. and you know thats exactly what would have happened too. lol. gotta love it