Friday, April 24, 2009

Five Minute (Pitching) Musings

Sorry I've been such a slacker about this lately, but here are five (pitcher) points from this epic game:

1.) Jon Lester had an OK start:  In an eleventh inning affair, it's easy to forget those who started the game, but Lester went six innings and gave up two runs.  Lester still has not lost to the Yankees in his career, a streak he kept intact tonight with a no-decision.

2.) Okajima's disappointing outing:  Oki-Doki started off the seventh by bobbling a sacrifice bunt, and it only got worse from there.  He loaded the bases without recording an out.  Not good.  Hopefully this was one isolated bad outing.

3.) Javier Lopez was all over the place:  It even seemed like Varitek was a little exasperated with Lopez's wildness tonight, and for good reason, he was ridiculously inconsistent.  I have a bit of a soft spot for Lopez because I think he's hilarious, but come on... this is the MF Yankees, Javier.

4.)Paps was not the out machine I've come to expect: he just hasn't really looked like himself yet this season.  I'll chalk it up to April rust, for now anyway.  However, he did get through his inning (the 10th) without allowing a run, and by striking out Teixeira. Win.

5.) I LOVE RAMON RAMIREZ: Seriously. I can't say this enough.

Last thing: absolute BOMB:

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