Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Quote of the Day

"I hope it never gets used."

Today's quote is courtesy of Commander Badass and Sox Ace, Josh Beckett.  Beckett just donated over $100,000 to Children's Hospital Boston for the Josh Beckett Cancer Treatment Room, to which today's quote refers.  Beckett has also pledged $100 for each strikeout he accrues this season:
I think we can all agree with Josh on this one... to donate to the hospital, click here.

In other Beckett news, MLB is suspending #19 for his actions in Sunday's game... who else thinks he'll be calling up Timlin and setting off for Selig's house for some Texas style vengeance??

Another notable Beckett quote, referring to his reaction to the situation in his last start: "I wasn't really in a hugging mood."  The gold just keeps on coming.


  1. See, Josh is just awesome! Definitely donating to the hospital. Sucks about the suspension though! Totally uncalled for.

  2. According to Curt Schilling, "The ball went where he wanted it to go."

    If Josh wanted to hit him, he would have!