Monday, April 20, 2009

Obligatory Patriots Day Post

Boston Marathon, morning baseball, and playoff basketball/hockey... this day has to be one of the best sports days ever.  If the Bruins and Celtics can pull out wins tonight (both are within the realm of possibility as I write this), this will be the perfect day, beyond the fact that I missed the end of the Red Sox game because I decided that since college costs more than $50K a year, I should actually attend my 1:15 class.  When I left the Sox were holding onto a 3-1 lead, Masterson had just left, and the last thing I watched before I ran out the door was Manny Delcarmen induce that double play to escape the sixth inning.

I kept up with the score via my phone (you can text "red sox score" to GOOGLE [466453] and they instantaneously send you the score), and by the time I reached the classroom, the score was 6-1.  By the time the lecture was underway, it was already 12-1.  I will admit to feeling some resentment towards my professor for making me miss the exciting part of the game... though he mentioned at the beginning of class that he wanted to be watching, too.

That's all I have for today, at least until the hockey and basketball games are over... I love being a Boston Fan.

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