Friday, February 26, 2010

He's nothing like that OTHER 23...

I think he'll fit in just fine here in New England. Just the fact that he - a veteran player, no less - stopped to chat with the fans speaks volumes about his ability to embrace the environment in Boston.

Just from that short clip, it's easy to see that Mike Cameron has at least a basic grasp of the history of the franchise: I mean, he understood that #24 was "semi-retired," not just because of the petulant Manny Being Manny Ramirez, but because of the inimitable Dwight "Dewey" Evans, who played his last game in 1991.

He also appreciated Francona's quip about a certain shortstop that John Henry is still paying:

"Tito told me, 'Hey, if you wear twenty-three, make sure you don't miss the first ball, cause the fans are all gonna say LUUUU-GOOOOO!!!'"

Be honest, folks: that's totally something we would do. However, it doesn't look like it will be necessary, as Cameron seems like the type of confident (and competent), yet easy-going player who thrives in Boston. I know that the Ellsbury fangirls (and fanboys) are howling that Golden Boy is moving over to accommodate a thirty-seven year old journeyman. Please, let him show you what he can do. Personally, I plan on loving him, and I hope you'll all give him a chance, too.


  1. Def seems like a good guy to have on the field. And it looks like him and Ellsbury have talked to each other and formed a friendship, taking tips and hints off of each other. Team oriented guy, I like it.

  2. Let me ask you something? Why the Jacoby hate? I am a Ells fan and frankly I could care less if he plays left or right or center. It doesn't borther me in the least if he plays a position. Frankly, I'm fed up with the attitude that because I like Jacoby I'm some mindless,brainless idiot who can't appreciate the game. Did it ever occur to anyone that people like Jacoby because he's a talented ballplayer? Little bit annoying to just assume that a general like of Jacoby is just because he's a pretty boy.

  3. I understand the confusion, so let me clarify: there is a difference between an Ellsbury fan and an Ellsbury fangirl (or fanboy). You would fit in the first category. I'll do a post about this distinction soon to get things cleared up, and I'm sorry if I offended you in some way!