Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tim Wakefield: Mainer at Heart?

Is it just me, or would Tim Wakefield make a great Mainer? Wake was, of course, born not in Maine (or any other New England state), but in Melboure, Florida, and he still resides in the Sunshine State during the offseason.

However, something about Wakefield just screams Mainahh to me, and I'm not sure why. I know a great deal of native Mainers, as I live about 10 minutes from the state, and even spent three years there for boarding school. Wakefield embodies much of the spirit that I have come to associate with Maine: integrity, character, and a blue-collar work ethic among them.

In the above video, Wake clings to his position in the rotation fiercely, and he's certainly earned that right. Something about the posture, the ball cap, and the facial hair just made me nostalgic for all the days I spent in Maine... and just think how awesome Wake would look with a mullet.

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