Monday, February 1, 2010


Today's a really busy day for me, so since I'll have very little time, here's a series of photos documenting some failures on the part of the sports' fan.

We'll start off with a college hoops game... How do you spell O-H-I-O?

More spelling problems from the good people of New York... Unless they meant "JEST," as in, "Our entire fandom is a joke."

You knew those NASCAR fans wouldn't disappoint. Dude, if your back is hairy enough to allow this, please keep it covered up.

I know those Wrigley Field bleachers get a lot of sun, but seriously? You're wearing a baseball cap with a brim designed for just this purpose. Turn it around, you look like an idiot.

I sincerely hope this was a one game thing... I mean, it shows a lot of dedication. But let's be honest: A*Rod never deserves to be mentioned with Jeter... You just can't compare them. And to immortalize A*Rod on your shaved head? TACKY.

And in case you thought I was being biased, here's some of Red Sox Nation's very own... Work on that depth perception, kids: you'll get-em next time.

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