Friday, February 5, 2010

Blueberry Muffins for Everyone!

There's been some speculation lately that the Twins are about to come to terms with catcher Joe Mauer on a record setting contract extension. When and if that happens I plan to go out and buy myself a celebratory Mauer jersey. Why? Because that's what I do: I buy baseball paraphernalia.

Also, I'm too young to go out and have a celebratory drink.

As a baseball fan, I'll be thrilled to see Mauer stay in Minnesota. The game needs more players like Joe Mauer: talented, hardworking, and loyal. Now, I'm not saying that players who take a big payday shouldn't do so - they've worked hard to get to that level, and if they're going to play for the money, that's their prerogative.

On the other hand, as a Red Sox fan, I'm a little torn about this. If Mauer had made it to free agency, Theo would have gone after him, and hard. Unfortunately, we all know who would have gotten him in the end, especially if he was simply looking for the biggest payday:

"Why yes, we did offer Mauer a gold plated locker... And we promised him that A*Rod would never talk to him, or touch him."

Players looking to follow the money inevitably end up in pinstripes, and since Posada's not getting any younger, I would bet my first born child that Mauer would end up in the Bronx if he made it to free agency. For these selfish reasons, and because I genuinely think it's the best choice for this player and the game at large, I'm happy that all signs point to a long stay in Minnesota for Joe Mauer.

[For those of you confused by the title of this post, the official state muffin of Minnesota is the blueberry muffin. I'm sure this was an important aspect of Mauer's decision-making process.]

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  1. I also like when players kind of "franchise" themselves to a team. I'm analytical in my thinking about baseball, but still, there is something nostalgic about seeing a player stay almost his entire career with one team. Right now, Mauer and (probably) Pujols are the best examples of an elite player doing that.