Friday, November 27, 2009

Golden Boy: Take Two

It's official: Jacoby Ellsbury has dropped number 46 in favor of the much lower (and more aesthetically pleasing) number 2. When Brad Mills jumped ship for Houston, Jacoby wasted no time in snapping up his number. Normally this wouldn't be huge news (in early 2007, Dustin Pedroia swapped #64 for #15), but I take vindictive pleasure in the fact that all the Golden Boy worshipers will have to buy new T-shirts.


  1. heh, Nice. Also, I would have thought that 2 would have already been taken and retired by the Sox for someone. Normally the better players use lower numbers for most of their career.

    I was disappointed as a kid to learn that most athletic uniforms are numbered by size, though. Small numbers meant small height, and high numbers are for taller people; most high school uniforms still work this way. I would always end up with something in the teens as a result, instead of #33 for Larry Bird.

  2. But unfortunately they all tend to be the bandwagoners/rich people who will spend money on anyone, and therefore either 1) wont realize that he changed numbers or 2) just get the new jersey anyways because they have money to spend.

  3. I am a fan of Jacoby, I'll admit it! Although, I am neither 1) rich nor am I 2) a bandwagon follower. I'll eventually get around to buying a new shirt and jersey combo...but not because I want to look cute for the boys or show off...because I want to show my support for a kid who has shown huge talent and who will be a huge asset to the team.