Sunday, November 1, 2009

Why I Hate Brett Favre

I had to drive to Newton today to accept an award on behalf of my mother, who passed away in August, and decided I would use the rare proximity to Boston to check out the (no longer new) radio station WBZ-FM 98.5 ("The Sports Hub"). Unfortunately for me, they were talking about football... and not even New England football, which I at least have a passing interest in, but Brett Freaking Favre.

The hosts didn't understand why there was such a "deep, passionate, all-consuming hatred" for Favre in New England; they rationalized why Green Bay fans might hold a grudge, but simply couldn't comprehend why those in the Boston market had such loathing for him.

Oh please, let me enlighten you:

As you all know, I'm not a football fan really: on a scale of 1 to 10, the Bruins and Celtics ranked at 6 and 7, respectively, the Patriots come in at about 2 (for reference the Sox are about a 10,272,004). Even though I really don't care about football, I hate Brett Favre.

If you want to retire, that's great: good for you, heck of a career; if you want to keep playing, go ahead: put your aging body at risk, I don't care. But whatever you do, do NOT clog up SportsCenter during baseball season with your mindless dithering. This just in, Brett, NO ONE CARES. In the summer, before work, I just want to catch up with how the west coast BASEBALL teams did the night before. I have a limited window of time in which to do this, and yet you insist on talking about yourself endlessly. July is one of my favorite times of year: hockey and basketball are over, and football hasn't started, so SportsCenter is all baseball (with the occasional mention of golf and tennis) - the Top 10 Plays, the standings analysis, and the commentary (this often results in an overdose of Derek Jeter, but at least it's baseball).

Celtics/Lakers, Indians/Red Sox, Derek Jeter, Steelers, D-Backs/Rays... What? How exactly does Jeter fit between Indians/Sox and Steelers?

But no, it has to be all about BRETT. He needs to have at least one press conference a week so that he can talk about how he might retire, but probably not, but he doesn't know who will sign him, but his old body can still play... blah, blah, blah. I just want my baseball! I can take the over-exposure of Favre during the football season; it's grating, but understandable. For the love of god, Brett, play or don't, but shut up!

Shut up, Favre, and I might like you... Probably not, but maybe.

Did that answer your question, 98.5?


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  2. I have to remember to check daily for your newest post, they are always good and this one is no exception. The media has an unnerving obsession with Brett Favre like they do with the Yankees & H1N1.

  3. I agree completely and I AMMMMM a huge football fan. Its probably baseball 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 football & hockey 8, basketball 1, college sports 0. Favre reminds me of how Clemens was for a long time, always making it all about him and the will he wont he deal.

    Also reminds me of it being announced IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WORLD SERIES last year that A-Rod was going to opt out of his contract or whatever completely making it all about him.

    Selfish players are selfish players and even when it's not all about them, they will do anything to get their name in the mix.

  4. Brett Favre will keep coming back until he cannot throw the football anymore and even then he will still try to play. Maybe if we all refuse to watch any Favre games he will stop. I doubt it, however.

    Love the blog, by the way.

    -Dale Parson

  5. Yeah, I was surprised that radio hosts were surprised that Favre would be venomously booed in his return to Green Bay. He's playing for their nemesis! He also put up a stinkbomb in his last Packers game, then waffled throughout the off-season, which came on the heels of him waffling the previous off-season as well.

    I loved that Aaron Rodgers almost brought the Packers back today, it only stunk that he couldn't win the game. He's a better QB than Favre at this point, but the quality of their respective teams covers this up.