Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wishes Are For Fairy Tales

To the Yankees winning the World Series, I have one thing to say: so what? They should have won... it took them disgraceful amounts of money, but they've finally bought #27.

Do I wish they had choked? Absolutely. But I also wish that I could marry Dustin Pedroia, among other things. The point is, wishes are for fairy tales, and in real life the "bad guy" wins a lot. Don't get me wrong, until I'm confronted with evidence to the contrary, I don't think the Yankees are villains on any real-world level: they're not raping and pillaging, as far as I know (though the centaur thing sure freaks me out).

It's just frustrating to me (and to many of you, I'm sure), to know that whatever the Yankees want, the Yankees will get. For instance, if you still think there was any way Boston could have signed Teixeira last season, you're crazy. Cashman was always getting the last call, and he always will from Boras (hate him if you must, but it's a great arrangement for him). As for players with any other agent (hello, CC Sabathia)? The Yankees can afford to pay anything, even bidding against themselves, to land the talent they want.

I'm calling awkward turtle on this whole picture.

Annoying? Yes. But that's the way the cookie crumbles. Life isn't fair, and neither is baseball - just ask CB Bucknor.


  1. As much as I would NEVER root for the Yankees, I am hoping that Globe writer Mazz is right that this Yankees world championship will be a kick in the behind to the Red Sox ownership telling them that it is OKAY to spend money to get the best players on the team instead of second-rate players that are oft-injured and overpriced for what they are.

  2. What Gabrielle said x 10. This should be a wake up call that teams can and should spend money for good players who can make an impact instead of spending money for has-beens and maybes at top dollar.

  3. like stephen colbert said... "i belive that free market works... how do i know... the yankees won the world series..."