Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lucky in Houston - for once

After all these years of hardship, and being the laughingstock of the National League (now in the AL West - you're welcome, Mariners), the Houston Astros had to catch a break sometime. The Astros have kicked off their first season in the American League by introducing a new logo and new uniforms, but that probably won't be enough to turn their fortunes around.

However, it's interesting to note that there is a certain anomaly that is currently favoring the Astros over all twenty-nine other MLB teams. According to the injured player list that MLB provides (mostly for fantasy baseball players looking to set their rosters), the Astros are the only team without any current injury concerns. There isn't so much as a strained hamstring on the entire roster.

Now that I've called attention to it, I'm sure the entire pitching staff will require immediate Tommy John surgery, so I apologize in advance to any Astros fans who stumble upon this blog. They say that you have to control the controllables, and injuries certainly fall into the "uncontrollable" category. Perhaps some kind of fate or karma or higher power of your choice decided that since the Astros couldn't control anything about themselves, the injury bug could skip them - for now.

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