Friday, December 18, 2009

Sayonara, Fangirls?

There's been a lot of talk lately about what it would take to pry Adrian Gonzalez from San Diego, and because new GM Jed Hoyer's knowledge of the Red Sox farm system rivals that of Theo himself, it's going to be a lot. There will be no Heathcliff Slocumb for Derek Lowe and Jason Varitek type of deal this time around: we will have to give up some truly valuable pieces to get one in return.

What type of valuable pieces, you ask? That's exactly the point of this post: we've all gotten used to hearing Clay Buchholz's name thrown out there, and though he's had some success on the major league level, the Sox are pitching rich (for now), so most fans are willing to part with him for the right piece. Now we're hearing whispers that a player we've been seeing daily for over a year might be part of the package... and not just any player, but the downright dreamiest man to don a Red Sox uniform since... well, at least since his devoted screaming fangirls (and fanguys - we don't discriminate here at Off the Monster) jumped on the bandwagon in 2004.

Personally, I wouldn't be all that torn up if Ellsbury got shipped off to San Diego. This might be unfair of me, but I just cannot stand a large percentage of fans who name him as their favorite player. Sure, there are those who rattle off his SB% (MUCH more important than the number of stolen bases, if you ask me), rising OPS, and improved plate discipline (he took eight more walks this year than in 2008!), and are legitimately excited about him as an athlete. I despise the term "Pink-Hatter," because I find it derogatory to female fans (maybe they just like the color!), but Ellsbury fangirls generally display the type of behavior expected of a stereotypical "Pink-Hatter," namely, a lack of knowledge about the game in general or the Red Sox in particular.

Are these women at a Beatles concert or a baseball game? CALM DOWN.

Do I think Adrian Gonzalez is worth a package including Buchholz, Ellsbury, Kelly, and Lars Anderson? Yes. In an instant. Prospects are exactly what their title implies: chances, opportunities, potential. You never know if a minor-league stud will pan out, and Gonzalez is as close to a sure thing as you can get in the current market.

I'll admit to having a personal agenda for supporting Golden Boy's inclusion in a deal: if it allows me to interact with just one less drunken fangirl per Fenway visit, I'll support it, but I also truly believe Gonzalez is worth the trade. The dynamic is very interesting, because we all know that Theo likes to trade high on his prospects, getting more in return than he is giving up, but in this case, the other side knows exactly everything he does.

Honesty's uncomfortable, eh Theo?

This is probably a deal that will happen (if it does) once the Padres inevitably start to falter. It would take major, um, guts, for a new GM such as Hoyer to trade a franchise player in his first months on the job. Hoyer is in the uncommon position of knowing Theo's thoughts and motives while negotiating, which is intriguing, to say the least. Get it done, Theo.... please?


  1. This girl proudly sports a Youk jersey and has for years now. The Jacoby fangirls are...well, let's hope they know something about the game. I'm sure there are some who do...right? I'm trying to be diplomatic, here...

  2. I think Hoyer is pretty up-to-date on stats, so he has to know that Ellsbury's actual value lags behind his perceived value. As such, I don't really think he gets included in a deal for A-Gonz. I thought McAdam brought up a great point the other day - Ellsbury is older than people realize, and Gonzalez is only a year older than him. He's not some aging slugger, which is why he still has a manageable contract.

    That being said, it wouldn't surprise me to see Ellsbury get moved at some point. His perceived value has to be high with, say, the Cubs or Cardinals or Dodgers, teams that have stupid front offices. If I was Theo, I'd be calling that idiot out in L.A. and dangling and Ellsbury and B-prospect for Matt Kemp.

  3. If we have to trade for Agon (I'd prefer Fielder or Cabrera) I'd rather give up Ellsbury than our real CF of the future(Westmoreland) but Steve G had a good idea in trading Ells for Kemp

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    ps. I'm a dude and I don't have a pink hat, but I am a Jaocby fan and will be sad to see him go. I think he could still develop into an elite player...