Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Support RED [Sox]

This is Yassin. He was four years old when I took this picture in 2007; he lives in an orphanage in Chigamba Village, Malawi, and is HIV Positive. Today is World AIDS Day: do something to help the millions of people suffering all over the world. Just think, your contribution could help a potential Red Sox fan!

If you're looking for a good cause, I highly recommend giving to Friends of Little Field Home, which is a nonprofit organization based in Hebron, Maine. Little Field Home is the orphanage where Yassin lives, and it was started by my high school softball coach when she was in the Peace Corps in Malawi. All of the money goes directly to the 80+ orphans who live there, many of whom are HIV Positive.

I know there are a ton of generous and caring Red Sox fans out there, and every little bit counts!

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