Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bye Bye, Bay

So my last post looks rather silly now, eh?

According to the Boston Globe, Jason Bay is going to the Mets for 4 years and $66 million (pending a physical). I for one will miss the Palest of Them All patrolling left field at Fenway, despite his less than impressive defense. I suspect that come July, if the status quo remains intact, we'll all be wailing for him back (some of you, doubtless, will go further into the past and demand a return to the Manny era).

However, if Theo is truly done making moves for this offseason, and we go into Opening Day with a platoon of Jeremy Hermida and Mike Cameron, so be it: if the offense works out, that's great, and if not? Well, some of those prospects might like the nice sunny skies of San Diego. Or maybe he's saving for a push for another big bat - I don't see Joe Mauer leaving Minnesota (I actually hope he doesn't - he'll end up in pinstripes if he's simply looking for the biggest payday), something must be in the works. Theo never stops working, and he'll figure something out.

But back to Bay: he was a class act from the moment he stepped off the plane from Pittsburgh, and somehow made us forget about Manny (or at least somewhat forgive Theo for trading him). He blinded fans across Fenway Park with the pallor of his skin, and made those of us who are particularly SPF-needy feel positively bronzed, all while providing the power that Boston so desperately craved.

He was never a nuisance with the press, or the fans, and, from all accounts, was as classy in the clubhouse as he was on the field. Lest we forget, he scored the winning run of the 2008 ALDS against the Angels, getting spiked in the process:

"It's just a tiny little nick, but it hurts when I get champagne in there."

If the Mets can stay healthy (What? Mets and health in the same sentence?), Bay might have a shot in hell to play in October again. And if not? Well, he performed admirably for us, and that's all I can ask for. I wish you all the best, Mr. Bay. Mets fans are lucky to have you.

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