Saturday, January 11, 2014

Doc Rivers predicts Pats victory

Though former Celtics coach Doc Rivers departed Boston for sunny LA and the Clippers this season, he still has the collective back of New England sports fans.

In the press conference after the Clippers demolished the Lakers last night, Rivers went a bit off topic and made some predictions about this weekend's slate of NFL playoff games - and went against the conventional narrative.

While most of the talking heads in the sports world have been gleefully predicting a Patriots loss in tonight's showdown against the Colts, Doc Rivers had a different take.

"I think the Patriots are going to win, and they're going to win big," Rivers said with a grin.

Of course, that assessment could have less to do with lingering affection for Boston, and more to do with factors like poor weather favoring the Pats, and history favoring the home team when these two meet in the playoffs.

Either way, it's nice to have the confidence and support of someone like Doc Rivers heading into tonight's game.

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