Thursday, June 6, 2013

Meanwhile, in Crazytown

I have a lot of respect for Rangers manager Ron Washington. Seriously, he's led his team to the playoffs with impressive regularity in recent years, and even in the AL West that's no small feat.

But on what planet do you intentionally walk the player batting before David Ortiz during a tie game in the bottom of the ninth? Because yeah, that just happened, and it ended just how you thought it would: with Big Papi lining a game-winning three-run homer into the right field bullpen.

I get that it's tempting to intentionally walk red-hot Dustin Pedroia under ordinary circumstances - but it's not like Ortiz has been in any kind of slump. And we don't call Papi "Mr. Clutch" just for kicks, he's been extensively field tested.

So David Ortiz did what he has done his entire Red Sox career, and delivered a win in the bottom of the ninth. The homer also earned the series win for the Sox, and gave them so valuable momentum with the Angels coming into town tomorrow.

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