Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ryan Sweeney needs anger management

Because Ryan Sweeney took out his frustration about grounding out by punching a door (instead of throwing his bat or helmet like a NORMAL person), he's going to be out probably eight weeks.  So the Red Sox are down yet another outfielder for basically the rest of the regular season.

Sweeney did apologize to the team, the fans, and his fellows via his Twitter account, but the damage is done.  Besides the fact that the LAST thing this team needs is another guy on the disabled list, it seems like the Sox had been showcasing him lately, perhaps looking to trade him off for a useful piece to keep postseason hopes alive.

Since that's out the window, and with the trading deadline fast approaching, things are getting complicated.  Since taking two of three from the Yankees, and taking the first game against Detroit last night (on the back of Dustin Pedroia), the Red Sox are looking to add, not subtract.

Obviously, it's too bad that they didn't subtract the damaged Ryan Sweeney.

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