Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kevin Youkilis: Dream Crusher

When I said I wished nothing but the best for Kevin Youkilis in his post- Red Sox career, I was hoping to see things play out more like Monday night than last night.  Monday saw Youk step to the plate to an emotional and well-deserved standing ovation from the Fenway Faithful, then promptly go 3-for-4 while scoring Chicago's only run in the Red Sox victory.

Last night, Jon Lester and the Red Sox were powerless to stop the bleeding, as Lester couldn't even make it five innings.  Youkilis had another successful night, hitting a three-run blast off of his former teammate - this time able to enjoy a win.

I will always love Kevin Youkilis: he was coming into his own as a Red Sox just as I was reaching maturity as a person and a Sox fan, and he plays the game the right way.  But is it really to much to ask that he go 0-for-5 after we cheer for him?  I'm perfectly happy to see him hit .500 against the rest of the AL (particularly the East), so long as he can temper that a bit when in Boston.

I know he's not the kind of player to let up for even a second, so I guess I'll have to have some confidence in the Red Sox pitching staff (something in short supply lately) to shut Youk and his new crew down tonight.

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