Friday, July 20, 2012

Five Minute Musings

I have to be down at breakfast in about five minutes, so I'm bringing back this probably-forgotten segment that used to be a semi-regular occurrence in this space: five abbreviated thoughts on the Sox, in convenient list form.

  1. Did I mention that I love Cody Ross? Because I love him even more after the walk-off home run last night to take the series from the first-place White Sox.  And yes, I've bought my Ross t-shirt. Even though I'll be unemployed once camp ends, it was money well spent.
  2. Clay Buchholz's work last night was impressive - and important.  Eight innings, one run, six K's, and a no-decision, but world's ahead of the performance he gave last outing, where he all but imploded.
  3. I am so so happy that Pedey is back on the field.  Though 1-for-4 (albeit with a run scored) isn't up to Pedroia's usual standard, I'm quite certain that his presence in the clubhouse alone is enough to get his teammates fired up.
  4. These post-All-Star break Red Sox keep finding ways to win.  Last night's game featured a dramatic walk-off three-run homer, while the night before was a ten-run blowout - without David Ortiz in the lineup.  I'm feeling as if the second half of the season is going to look markedly different from the first half - and I like what I'm seeing so far.
  5. I had a phone intrview with a possible job out in Chicago yesterday, and the interviewer asked me if I wanted to relocate specifically because of the Kevin Youkilis trade. I told him that it didn't hurt that Theo was out there, too.

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