Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fist-pump at your own risk.

FINALLY... My finals are over, grades are in (excpet for one particulaly delinquent professor), and aside from a few administrative things, I'm done with sophomore year. You guys know what that means: I'm now free to focus on the more important things in life - like baseball.

Last nights heart attack of a game was actually the first time in about a week and a half that I got to watch more than 3 innings of a Sox game, and I sure picked the right one.

As soon as I was able to tune in, my least favorite player (ever) started melting down. Yes, I'm referring to Joba Chamberlain AGAIN... the kid's a punk, and watching him blow the game for New York was absolutely delicious. The first PLAY I saw was least-favorite-players two and three botching a Scutaro grounder - an A*Rod throw that pulled Mr. Leigh Teixeira off the bag at first. So. Much. Gloating. What an expensive error, eh? Between the two of them, A*Rod and Marky-Mark are pulling down nearly $60million this year.

I'll be back later with a longer post (probably a State of the Sox update), but I had to take this opportunity when I had ten free minutes and give you patient readers something after my extended absence!

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