Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hello there, Pitching...

Finally. THIS is what we were promised, way back in the offseason, back when Jason Bay walked on over to the National League. We were assured that the pitching would save us, even though we no longer had a pack of thumpers in the lineup (and somewhere, Kevin Youkilis wonders what he has to do to get some recognition).

Dude is a BOSS.

After last night's spectacular showing - by both Lester and the bullpen, the Sox are on a roll. They've won series in Toronto, Minnesota, Philadelphia, and Tampa Bay, and took one of two in New York, all in the last two weeks, going 10-5 in that span. They are 7-1 in their last eight games, and have a chance to sweep the Rays this evening. If the Sox can win tonight, they would be 5.5 games behind the Rays in the standings, and could pass Toronto to take third place in the division.

It's the pitching. It's always the pitching. Theo knows it, and Tito knows it, and John Farrell knows it, and even the sausage vendors must know it by now. If pitching really does win championships, and our staff can continue with any semblance of their recent brilliance, I'm anticipating a long run into October.

Tonight John Lackey (4-3, 5.07 ERA) will go against the spitter, Matt Garza (5-2, 2.37 ERA). On paper, it looks like Garza's game - especially at the Trop - but I'm going to guess that Lackey's determination not to be the one to end the recent streak will result in a spectacular performance. That combined with certain bats finally catching fire (ahem, David Ortiz) should make for a win. Don't make me a liar, John!

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