Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It may be irrational, but...

Exactly a year ago today, I wrote this post about Mark Teixeira's New York press conference. It was my third post ever, and I'll admit that I might have overreacted in some respects. However, I stand by one thing in particular: I LOVE hating Teixeira. But why, exactly, is he as high as #2 on my Most-Hated Yankees List (Contemporary Edition)?

Is it the team-leading 39 home runs he hit in 2009?


Is it because his wife wears the pants?

Nah... I don't hold grudges based on that stuff. But just look at her... it's like she's practicing remote mind control.

Is it the idiotic face he makes when he's hitting the ball?

No, but we're getting closer...

I'm pretty sure it's the fact that he can look like this:

Dear god, why? Mark Teixeira just strikes me as an annoying human being. Would I like him if he played for the Red Sox? It's possible... But I don't pretend to be rational about these things. Mr. Leigh is officially #2 on the Most-Hated Yankees List (Contemporary Edition) - brownie points to those of you who can guess my #1.

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