Monday, January 25, 2010

Stop teasing me, Connecticut!

Today, it was fifty degrees and pouring rain in Hartford. There's no snow to be found; indeed, there's even green grass. All these things conspire to make me feel like baseball is closer than it truly is, and I'm not a fan.

As of tonight, there are twenty-three days until Spring Training. There are more than two months left until Opening Day [Night?] on April 4th.

I don't know about you guys, but as much as I try to distract myself with basketball, football, and hockey, the reality is that I spend the entire winter counting down the hours until I get to see baseball again. Winter break is a temporary respite, as I can take solace in the MLB Network, but all too soon I have to return to Trinity College and the realm of basic cable.

I got some good baseball books and movies for Christmas, and I received some Red Sox themed games for my birthday, but there's nothing like the real thing. I even stooped to the level of watching Sportscenter's "All Favre, All the Time" coverage for half an hour just to hear the thirty second blurb about Johnny Damon (but that's another post).

The moral of the story? It was rainy and miserable all day, Hartford is trying to trick me, and there's no baseball in sight, so if any of you have any quick cures for the offseason blues, please let me know!


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  2. imagine me, that, when is summer there during the baseball season, here in chile is autumn and winter... i'm kinda used to having a rainy day outside while the red sox are playing xD
    but you said it... it only 22 days until spring training... we just have to wait... and i really enjoy watching football, but my head is already in red sox mode... :D

  3. and think about this... here in chile i'm not as lucky as you are, because here we don't hace mlb network, or espn covering baseball (not even a little bit) they only talk about soccer, tennis and more and more and more soccer and bookstores don't sell baseball books... so all my baseball feed comes from twitter and the vids from the video corner at the red sox's webpage...
    one man's garbage is the other's treasure :D xD

  4. Have you tried playing a game like Baseball Mogul or Out of the Park? Both are available for the PC, and let you simulate pretty much every aspect of running a major league team. I played both pretty heavily for a couple years, and they're good fun. Mogul is a bit easier and less involved, so if your interest is piqued, I'd start with that one.