Monday, January 26, 2009

The Mayor

Sean Casey, professional hitter and member of the 2008 Red Sox bench crew, has announced his plans to retire and join the MLB Network.  You already know how I feel about the MLB Network [LOVE it! And no, they're not paying me to say that... do you think they would?], so I'll fill you in on my opinion of Casey.

Nicknamed "the Mayor" by his baseball colleagues because of his general charisma and positive attitude, Casey was shunted to the side down the stretch last season with the arrival of Mark Kotsay.  Casey handled the situation admirably; you  never saw an interview or heard of an offhand comment that showed his dissatisfaction [unlike someone else, who acted a bit like a baby when he was pinch-hit for in the postseason].  Probably Casey recognized that Kotsay was faster and a slightly better defenseman, and, like he said when he signed with the Sox, he just wanted to win a championship.  

Casey couldn't buy a home run this year, and anyone who saw a game he participated in knows how hard it was for him to reach on a double, let alone trying for three.  However, in 69 games, he hit .322 with a .381 OBP; lifetime, he hit .302 with a .367 OBP.  Very respectable stats, but the only way Casey reaches the Hall is if they create a wing for everyone's favorite clubhouse guy.  If that happened, he would be a shoe-in, as he's been voted the Nicest Player in Major League Baseball by his peers, and given the Good Guy Award by the Boston Baseball Writers.

Casey will be a great addition to the MLB Network crew, though he has not revealed what his exact role will be.  Hopefully, they put him to work interviewing players, as he is most definitely a people person.  I couldn't be happier that a player like Casey spent some time in Boston, as it has been a treat to see him play, and I can't wait to watch him on the MLB Network [once I'm at home again, where we actually get the MLB Network].

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