Sunday, July 7, 2013

Error GIF > error message

If you type an incorrect URL within the domain, you get an error message, just like any other website. What's different about the MLB messages is that they include GIFs of errors on the field, by players, coaches, and even mascots:

There might be more, but I refreshed for a few minutes and these seven were the only ones that popped up.  I have a couple of Red Sox GIFs in my personal collection, and I'd like to suggest that MLB add these to the rotation:

Kelly Shoppach's failed slide.

Daniel Nava after completely losing a fly ball.

Dustin Pedroia reacts to being hit by a pitch.

And Salty totally incapacitated by laughter during photo day.

Are there any memorable errors you'd like to see immortalized in GIF form on the redirect page?

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