Thursday, April 25, 2013

Buchholz keeps rolling

Obviously beating the Astros isn't an achievement for the ages; it's happened fifteen times already this season, after all. But it is worth noting that Clay Buchholz has officially become the very first starter in the majors to reach five wins this season - and he's done so without a single loss, with a sparkling ERA.

John Farrell thinks that Clay's success is sustainable, and we've certainly seen how incredible his stuff can be. The key to a successful season is always in the pitching, and given how both Buchholz and Jon Lester have pitched to start out the season, my expectations for 2013 are very different than they were on Opening Day.

The offense gave Buchholz a seven run cushion, but he didn't need it, giving up just two runs in 7.2 innings to defeat the newest punching bag of the American League (you're welcome, Mariners). Most of all, Buchholz is fun to watch when he's going well, and he's been a blast to watch this April.

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