Sunday, April 21, 2013

Back to normalcy

It always sucks to lose both games of a doubleheader, especially when you lose the second one in extra innings. But the important takeaway from the weekend's games is that the Red Sox, and the city, are back to some kind of routine. Things may never be the same, but the quicker we can all regain any semblance of normalcy after the tragic and bizarre events of the last week, the better we will all recover.

Losing games is a normal part of baseball - indeed, teams that lose sixty games in a season are considered remarkable for their proficiency at winning. It's a function of having a sport where the teams play 162 games in a season: in football, it's possible (if improbable) to go 16-0, while going 162-0 is a practical improbability.

Losing is so normal in baseball that it's practically mundane. After the last week, we could all use things that are a little bit more mundane - Boston has had enough excitement for a while.

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