Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Today's the day!

Good lord, I've missed this man.

This is it. The day we (I) have been waiting for since June 25th. Seven weeks without Dustin Pedroia, while the Red Sox have fought to keep their collective heads above water. While we fans missed the diminutive second baseman and his antics, the Sox at least got to keep him in the dugout, even as certain other injured players chose to stay away.

I believe in this team. As things stand this morning, the Red Sox are 5.5 games back - both in the division and the Wild Card, as the Yankees and Rays are tied. They have 42 games to play, and though it seems unlikely, I think they can make a run at it.

More importantly, the Red Sox believe in themselves. They think they can get it done, and Dustin Pedroia backs up his smack-talk with action. I fully expect him to go on an absolute tear.

Remember the laser show he put on the day before Doomsday? Three home runs in a game at Colorado? I know we'll get to see him pick up where he left off: if it's possible for one man to pick up a team and win them a spot in the playoffs, Pedey will do it.

And even if he can't? Well, I get to watch him again, every day, out on that field.... where he belongs.

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