Saturday, August 21, 2010

Another Crushing Blow

As you all know, I missed my hubby's first two games back from the disabled list to watch some Baby Sox play in Portland. It seemed like a reasonable idea at the time; after all, he'd be back for the rest of the season, and it was a good chance for me to get over to Hadlock Field.

God, I miss this face.

As usual when I show a moment of weakness is my dedication to the big club, the baseball gods have their revenge by smiting one of my boys. In fact, the only major injury I've seen this season was that of Jacoby D-Ellsbury, and you already know my feelings about him.

But I digress. The plucky second baseman played a total of two games up in Boston before that left foot started hurting too much for him to bear - and that's quite a lot for a man who was taking ground balls on his knees just days after the initial break.

So it was back to the DL for Pedey, and what's worse is that his absence is likely to be longer for 15 days. Obviously, the in-your-face infielder wasn't pleased with the news: "I'm upset. I feel like I let everybody down... I can't really do much. I tried, so hopefully it heals up and I'll get back in there."

It's a huge blow to a team that was waiting on tenterhooks for its most spirited player to return: Pedroia was supposed to be the motivating factor for a hotstreak that would carry the Red Sox into the playoffs. Pedroia is not worried, at least out loud: "We'll be fine. Guys will step up. They have all year. I'm just one guy. Guys have gone down all year, and guys have been able to step up and help us win. We still have a great chance at getting to the playoffs and winning the whole thing."

I actually agree with all this bluster... If the Red Sox pull off a miracle and make it into the October party, I think they can win it all. However, they no longer "have all year." There are thirty-nine games to play, and they currently sit seven games out in the division and 5.5 back in the Wild Card. They either have to catch the seemingly tireless Rays, or the Yankees with the bottomless pockets, and with each passing day it seems less likely it can happen.

Of course, I hate counting ANYTHING out until the numbers say I absolutely must, because I learned my lesson in 2004: never say never, especially when the team in question is as talented and determined as this one.

As Kevin Garnett would say: ANYTHING'S POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!

I'll say this much for certain: if these Sox make it to the promised land of the playoffs, it might be the best ride they've had, and a joy to watch for sure.

[Quotes are from this article at, and standings are as of this evening.]

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