Friday, June 11, 2010


Jacoby Ellsbury has played in exactly nine games for the big club this season. Yes, he has been injured. But he's rapidly getting a reputation as a "JD Drew" type player. In fact, Drew has missed just three games this season, but that's not the point: as a player, JD is viewed as "soft." He has a reputation for requesting time off for the slightest of ailments, and hangnail jokes are commonplace.

The perception in some circles is that agent Scott Boras is pulling the strings: fearful playing at less than 100% might hurt Ellsbury's numbers in an eventual arbitration hearing, Boras cautions him to take it slow.

Uncharacteristically for the organization, Dr. Thomas Gill spoke out about the situation: "It's simply not there," Gill said. "But whether it's there or not is not medically relevant. You treat it exactly the same."

The Red Sox have been more vocal than normal about their frustrations with the fragile Ellsbury, which is to say that they've actually let on that they're upset. Tito, who is famously tactful, has mentioned some concerns publicly, and the club sanctioned a "conference call with reporters to address what [Dr. Gill] called 'misconceptions.'"

This issue has divided Red Sox Nation. Essentially half the fanbase wants Ells to suck it up and get back on the field, while the other half is livid at the first half for insinuating that Golden Boy is less than perfect.

As for me...? I'm leaning toward the former: I don't want Ells to hurt it worse, but if no further structural damage is being risked (as Dr. Gill and Tito insinuated), it's time to put his teammates before his stats. The team needs him, even if he's only 60-80%. But that's just my opinion... feel free to share yours!

[All quotes in this post found on the Boston Globe Online]


  1. It's not so much a structural thing, as I've read in Will Carroll's Baseball Prospectus articles, but a matter of pain tolerance. some guys can play hurt, and some can't. I don't think Ellsbury should be judged unfairly just because he has fractured freakin' ribs! It's not like he has a sore hammy or a minor injury.

  2. I haven't heard any mention of these comaparisons of Jacoby to JD that you've mentioned but I am agreement with you on one thing. There is no way that Jacoby should play until he feels physically better. I once cracked my ribs and it seemed like it took forever to heal. Even taking a breath inward hurt and I'm not an atheletic person. In any case, I must admit that I am sort of thinking that someone, and I'm not blaming anyone, needs to have a talk with Adrian Beltre about what ball's his and what ball's not. No, Jacoby may not have broken the new rib on the play with Beltre but the fact is Jeremy Hermida did! I think people have issues with Boras due to the whole thing with Manny Ramirez, Mark Texiera, and the situation with Tek. Anytime Boras says something I admit I sort of wonder if that's the truth. I have the feeling that in Jacoby's case the rib is absolutely broken and he's hurt. I think putting him back on the feild until he's fully recovered would be a horrible mistake and everyone needs to just relax and give this time.

  3. They released info stating he's genuinely hurt.. come on.. Cut the guy a break.. what do we want him to play hurt break a rib or something worse and then lose him for like a whole season??.... >.>...that's just my two sense.. I want him back but hey, broken ribs are not to be messed with. And the guy is definately in quite a bit of pain.. the docs know best..

  4. I don't think he should play hurt & I have no doubt he is hurt but his comments to the press is what made him be perceived as "soft." There were better ways of phrasing things.

  5. He may be hurt, but the Doc has already said that he's not in any danger of aggravating the injury any further. I'm on board with Kayla, and think that Ellsbury needs to at least be ready to play part time until he gets better. Completely agree with D about Beltre. I'm glad that he's hitting well, but he needs to watch where he's going while fielding.