Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Love is in the air...

I love this man. You might say it's just Spring Fever, that I'm quick to latch on to anyone who puts runs up on that big green scoreboard. And you'd be right. But when you're young, lust can feel amazing enough to be mistaken for love, and this infatuation is powerful.

Second in my affections? This guy:
Rookie Reddick started in center field, and contributed a double and two RBIs to the cause.

It's love.

Let's just hope McDonald can play tomorrow, because after his game-winning hit, "they beat me up pretty good. When I seen [Jonathan] Papelbon running out there, I tried to run away. Somebody got a hold of me.’’

Honestly? I'd run away, too, if he looked like that.

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  1. Yeah, little bummed that when I go to Pawtuckett I won't get to see Darnell and Josh. From the sound of things they'll still be in Boston when I get there. Hope the momentum carries.