Friday, April 9, 2010

Calm. Down.

Everyone needs to stop what they're doing. Seriously, pause for a second, and take a deep breath. We are exactly three games into the season. Three games, to be exact, against the World Champions of baseball (vomit).

So David Ortiz has exactly one hit thus far. CALM. DOWN. I've heard enough panic in Red Sox Nation. "Papi's done," "Put in Lowell," "He can't hit anything!"


Mark Teixeira has one fewer hit than David, and I haven't heard anyone in New York howling for Cashman to buy a replacement (and we know that it doesn't take much for the MFY fans to start whining about underachievement).

I know that last year's prolonged slump is making everyone far more nervous than they might otherwise be, and, contrary to his claims, David Ortiz has a lot to prove to this team, front office, and fanbase. Theo made it clear that he would not wait as long this year for Papi to come around as he did in 2009 (and, lest you forget, it was close to one third of the way through the season before Tito so much as dropped him in the order). However, we are THREE GAMES IN. One of which was started by one of the toughest lefties in the game, CC Sabathia.

Everyone is clamoring for Mike Lowell to get his at-bats. Well, I have news for you: the front office has already decided that Mikey is not the answer. In fact, they decided this almost six months ago, when they traded him to the Texas Rangers. The deal was thwarted by Mike's bum thumb, but the Sox have made it clear that Lowell is only on the team until they find a suitable dumping ground for him. As I have said before, the situation is hardly ideal: Lowell deserves nothing but respect, and he's in a tough situation.

And as for Papi? He's earned the right to the benefit of the doubt for longer than one series against arguably the toughest team in baseball. If this truly is the end, Tito will probably stick with Ortiz far too long (being too loyal to veterans is one of his only flaws, as far as I'm concerned).

But back up off the Tobin Bridge, people. The Sox are headed for a three-game set in Kansas City tonight, and David deserves our support, for at least a little while longer.

Unless, of course, you're ready to forget what he can do when everything clicks...

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  1. Really how much benefit of the doubt and maturity did Ortiz display last night when he was struck out? Look, I get that people want to wait and see with Ortiz but the fact is the offense majorly hinges on Ortiz's success. Look, I get that the bats on the team have to become more consistant with Jason Bay being gone. Youk's got to hit more, Pedey got to hit more, and so does everyone else but the fact of the matter is the only job David Ortiz has with this team is as the designated hitter. His only job on the team is to go out there and hit. If Youk,Pedey or someone else botch at the plate they can go out to their position and make a play but for David Ortiz it's a different story. Last night he proved that the pressure is clearly getting to him. The fact was he swung at the pitch and he struck out after which he threw a fit and got himself ejected. I'm not saying other players haven't done that but it's obvious that he goofed up. No one told him to swing at that pitch. He made that choice. As far as Mike Lowell goes I think that Lowell needs to play! He needs to either DH or play third at some point. The Red Sox are so desperate to trade him and how do they suppose they are going to do that unless they get him out there and showcase what he's capable of?! I can't forget everything David Oritz does when he's clicking on the right cylinders but I also cannot put out of my mind the angst and miserary that last season caused when he couldn't seem to do anything more then what he's doing now. Hitting into the shift, popping the ball up,and having tantrums that are just beneath him. You know my nephew adores Ortiz and I had to sit down and explain last night how that behavior his hero displayed is completely, under no uncertain terms, not acceptable and it never,ever will be.